Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rockefeller Chapel, Reynolds Club, and Flowers


The light was rapidly falling last evening and this was my last image, with a full open aperture, but it was still underexposed by about a stop. Expressed in other terms, a film camera with 100ASA film would expose for this for about one second at f/8. Autoleveled and hue adjusted in photoshop. See the original here. This also was the first outing of the camera with a coat of black paint in the interior, an additional baffle on the top to handle light when doing macro work, and I added a shoulder strap with some eyelets (one broke on the trip). Remind me to stick some teflon strips or wax the bottom of the inner box--it's getting too hard to move to focus.

A color image, underexposed. The lightest of breezes moved the daffodils a touch between exposures. The flowers were just over 4 feet away.


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Anonymous said...

that's a really great composition, it really looks archaic.

Lakewood flowers