Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weather on campus

The Ryerson Astronomical Society got SG funding for a weather station on campus, to get accurate weather data (which is really important in the spring with lake breezes freezing the lakefront while Midway is warm). We finally overcame all obstacles last night and have the station live at http://sagan.uchicago.edu/. I believe we have other delivery vectors to set up, so it can be seen at the Reynold's Club TV screen and such.


Jennifer said...

It's beautiful!

Sameer said...

It looks really nice. Funny how the only thing that is metric is the air density.

Dean W. Armstrong said...

An option, for sure, was metric vs. american units. We think the device natively measures in metric and converts. Also, we are missing both the UV and solar energy measurements of the weather station (this station is fully operational).