Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ryerson Physical Laboratory: "Ghostly"

I originally passed over this image while taking a bunch of near infrared photos on campus. The underexposure from looking into the partially overcast sun killed all the shadow detail and the flare was a distraction; essentially I was looking at the image in the context of the shoot that day, which was finding scenes that exemplified some IR photographic ideal.

Back to the present day where I am reading up on William Henry Fox Talbot, one of the inventors of photography. His early images of Lacock Abbey are ghostly and fuzzy as he made his negatives on coated paper and made contact prints with the same process that made the positives even more dreamy and indistinct.

This makes this previous rejected image more desirable.

Taken on May 4th, 2005 with a Canon A95 and several layers of fully exposed color negative film as an IR filter. 10 second exposure.

Original size here.

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