Friday, April 11, 2008

Adventures in Large Format Digital Scanning: Part 3

Click to enlarge any of these to the original size (the first image is actually only 50%).

An early image with the prototype cardboard camera. This image was auto-leveled, sharpened, and hue altered to attempt to match the original color out of the camera.

When outdoors with a small aperture all the dust on the scanner glass becomes visible, as seen in this and all further images in this post. I ended up cleaning it after this first trip outdoors.

You can heavily sharpen the images out of the camera: this one is at 169%. I am still experimenting with basic things like focusing and apertures, so final sharpening levels are way in the future.

I made a second scan of Lui at 1200dpi, cropped, and cropped some more in post-processing. It looks soft on the original and I think 1200dpi might be interpolated (although Canon says 1200x2400dpi). It's also possible the focus was off.

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