Friday, April 18, 2008

Adventures in Large Format Digital Photography: part 4

Today I mounted an inexpensive IR blocking filter in front of the lens using a cardboard mount. It's ugly, but gets the job done. I did this because after a second outing with the camera the odd tones on vegetation and clothing were getting tiring. It also allows me to make real color images with three separate red green blue scans.

Three separate scans using a 25A red, 47 blue, and a combo X1+Y2 greenish filters. Added together in photoshop and auto-leveled, plus some addition saturation, and some highlight/shadow work.
The green is not a true tricolor green, it's more yellowish. I need to buy the 61 green to get better matching.


Dean W. Armstrong said...

Oh, for reference, the building is orange brick, with hot pink metal and a dark blue roof. Hot pink.

Jennifer said...

Were people bugging you that the colors were way off?

Dean W. Armstrong said...

Nah, I just thought that a lot of people who had never seen the Ricardo Legorreta color scheme for Max Pavlesky would believe the colors in this synthesized image.

Dean W. Armstrong said...

I mean, hot pink?!