Monday, June 02, 2008

Space Shuttle and ISS space station visibility this week in Chicago

UPDATE 7/06/2009: Here's the current set of passes.

It's June, the day is nearly as long as it gets, and at night the sunlight streams over the north pole and lights up many low earth orbit satellites even in the middle of the night above Chicago. The International Space Station and the Space Shuttle are well aligned to be visible all this week for Chicago.

See the schedule here at Heavens-Above;

DateMagStartsMax. altitudeEnds
2 Jun0.121:26:2110NNW21:28:3019NNE21:30:3910ENE
2 Jun-0.923:00:5810WNW23:02:4935WNW23:02:4935WNW
3 Jun-1.121:48:1310NW 21:50:5534NNE21:52:3219E
3 Jun0.623:23:2810W 23:23:5112W 23:23:5112W
4 Jun0.020:35:3710NNW20:37:4418NNE20:39:5110ENE
4 Jun-2.522:10:1310NW 22:13:0684SW 22:13:3558SE
5 Jun-1.020:57:2610NW 21:00:0633NNE21:02:4510E
5 Jun-0.722:32:3810WNW22:34:3924WSW22:34:3924WSW
6 Jun-2.421:19:2110NW 21:22:1589WSW21:24:2616SE
7 Jun-0.821:41:4110WNW21:44:1126SW 21:45:3318S
9 Jun-0.820:50:3910WNW20:53:1228SW 20:55:4410SSE

For the next few nights you can see the ISS and Shuttle twice in one evening; literally, on the next orbit.

UPDATE 5/13/2009: Looking for the current Shuttle passes?

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