Friday, December 26, 2008

Truth and media reports: Chicago fog

Kristyn Hartman wasn't trying too hard on her "live" report for the 10 o'clock news report for WBBM Channel 2 in Chicago, about the fog stopping all flights at Midway. As she reported live from the top level of Midway, you could see the parking garage off in the distance--indicating the bad fog had lifted, even while she says "As you can see, because of the thick fog...". At the worst of the fog, it was in fact a few hundred feet visibility, as they had been reporting, as they were interviewing and getting the stock shots. But they should have admitted the fog had lifted at the time of the live report, as the parking garage is over 3000 feet from the location of the live report. Sloppy reporting. Even just a few minutes after the live report, Ed Curran the meteorologist was reporting visibility was a full mile at Midway.

P.S. This isn't to disparage the seriousness of the fog this evening. It was very dense this evening. But it wasn't dense at the moment of the live report, and that's all I'm trying to write.

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