Thursday, September 25, 2008

Raft part 2

They finally got underway again, after a stop at the Riverdale Marina. They ended up replacing their outboard with a newer and slightly more powerful model. This then tripped them up as it tried to tear away from the raft. Suitability reinforced, they left this morning down the Cal-Sag to parts south.

This image is really the best, caught by Dave D., a boater who had seen them earlier while at the Riverdale Marina, he just happened to see them while crossing the 127th St. bridge, and he then headed further west to the Ridgeland Ave. bridge and caught some great shots.

Update: I just got a call from Igor; they've docked for the night near the last SEPA station right at the junction of the Cal-Sag and the Chicago Ship and Sanitary Canal, just a touch past the Illinois and Michigan Canal remnants and will be walking a mile up and across the river to the nearest gas station to pick up some gas.

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