Monday, August 04, 2008

Why you shouldn't stop a sports game because of weather

Tom Skilling writes in the WGN Weather Center Blog:

The rain ended, and the game continued on a sloppy field.
With the Pittsburgh Steelers leading the College All-Stars 24-0 late in the
third quarter the heavens opened up again as severe thunderstorms struck.
Winds gusted to 64 m.p.h. as the rain fell in torrents. The game was
stopped, but as the players left the field unruly fans ran out and knocked
down both goal posts. Even though the rain let up the game was cancelled. It
was the last College All-Star game ever played.

Football is the sort of sport that shouldn't let weather get in the way of the game. I guess the fans agreed. Kudos to WGN for the last two sentences--a tale to remind ourselves of true grit and/or moral turpitude.

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