Monday, July 09, 2007

weird battery chemistry

A computer UPS status report.

On seeing this, my first thought was, "I really hope there is no actinium in this UPS."

My second thought was, "I wonder what sort of electrochemical potential a Pb-Ac battery would have."


David said...

Actinium, acid. They're all the same! If you did have actinium, I'm sure you could donate it to Theodore Gray for his very cool element collection.

Dean W. Armstrong said...

Item #55 in this year's Scavenger Hunt:
Construct the Periodic Table in its native table form: a coffee table. [25 points plus 1 point per element

minerallad said...

Ac is often used to show ACETATE (in organic chemistry), so I am betting that it means Lead Acetate (which IS used in some batteries!)


David Aldridge