Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eyjafjallajökull eruption: gorgeous video

The NY Times Lede blog has linked to BBC Channel 4 video of the eruption. From the look of it, the videographer had one of the many excursion drivers take them up Thórsmörk (or Þórsmörk) valley on the north side up high enough to look at the eruption without dealing with the jokulhaup (or glacial flood) in the river. If you have ADD you will miss the active sub-Plinian eruption and great lightning in latter half of the video.

UPDATE: the waterfall at the beginning is Seljalandsfoss. I have a photo of it here:

EDIT: calling it sub-Plinian.


Dean W. Armstrong said...

The waterfall Seljalandsfoss as seen from the Ring Road from the Boston Globe's Big Picture:

youth ministries said...

What a very beautiful falls!