Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Radio astronomy dish raising

Joe Cottral managed to get a spare 2.5m satellite dish from western Illinois to Chicago. The rest of the RAS had the responsibility of getting the dish from ground level up to our 6th floor aerie. We decided on raising the dish as reasonably quickly as possible, to reduce the annoyance factor for all non-involved. We also picked after much observation and discussion to raise the dish via the southeast corner of Ryerson which is an elevated turret. The reason being the turret allowed easy transfer over the parapets of Ryerson. The loading dock offered easy vertical lift, and the fire escape offered quick one-story lifts, but in the end, Lui's suggestion of the turret was the superior option.

Now, we have to 1. acquire a receiver capable of 1420MHz and 1.6GHz-ish, 2. Clean up the dish mounting steel, 3. Mount the dish on Ryerson with lots of Quikcrete, 4. Get microwave-capable cable, 5. get a low-noise-amplifier, and 6. put it all together. Minor bit there. Oh yes, and decide where to place it on the roof.

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