Thursday, October 04, 2007

50th anniversary of Sputnik

Things have been very busy and as a result I've been unable to post--but today is the 50th anniversary of man's entry into space with the launch of Sputnik. Last night the visitors to the Ryerson Astronomical Society's Wednesday viewing saw the largest satellite (artificial) in orbit: the International Space Station, as it rose above the horizon, passed Jupiter, and went into the Earth's shadow. Tonight in Chicago, you can see it twice, once at 6:57PM and again, once around the Earth, at 8:30PM. Details are always at Heavens-Above.

P.S. It's also World Space Week. Go to the RAS lecture on Monday about Sputnik.

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North of Madison said...

Interesting Blog ... I was brought to your effort by a Google link after searching for "canadian soldiers" (aka: mayflies) after the "cs" term was used during tonight's ALDS game in Cleveland, OH.

Cheers from Wisconsin!