Friday, August 03, 2007

Biometric veins in the near infrared

Another company claims to have created an unbeatable biometric authentication.

I have an image of my hand in the near-infrared, care to look?

heavy use of unsharp mask brings out the veins

I am sure it would only take an image like this and a master mold-maker to bypass such security.

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AgustIn M. Rela said...

Dear Dean W. Armstrong:

Please, will you accept that we use the interesting photo of the hand illuminated with near infrared radiation? We would use it in a non-profit book, Electricity and Electronics, edited by the Education Ministry of Argentina, for giving it to schools, without any cost.

Thank you very much, warm regards,

AgustIn M. Rela
March 28, 2009

Will said...

What camera did you use for this? This sparks my curiosity in infrared cameras.

Dean W. Armstrong said...

It was taken with a Canon Powershot S300 with the IR block filter removed and two layers of color negative film fully exposed and developed atop the lens.

Anonymous said...

What is the specs of the light source?

Dean W. Armstrong said...

A 67 Watt tungsten incandescent lamp.

Anonymous said...

Looks like any normal red filtered image converted to greyscale, albeit with a very bright backlight.