Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Boston bomb scare and hysteria

CNN report on the ad campaign for a Cartoon Network TV show that closed universities, blocked river traffic, and caused mass overreaction. Instead of deciding that we as a society have overreacted and cost ourselves millions of dollars of lost productivity, we'll blame the LED throwies. Again, we fool ourselves to think this way. Bruce Schneier will hopefully say something intelligent about it, although the powers that be certainly won't listen. What are the odds a weird device deserves a massive response? Answer: very, very low.

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Bb said...

I agree with you entirely. The appropriate reaction of the angry mobs, the befuddled authorities, and the rabid media should be to turn beet red and sheepishly that they all made a mistake. Frankly, we should all be laughing over this by the weekend; yet, sadly, the cancer of fear has spread to the centers of reason, so it seems we will persecute and procesute a couple of art students instead of taking a moment of introspective bliss to discover our own inner cowardice.