Monday, August 14, 2006

Tuscola County stupidity: cell phones and Arabs in Michigan

I sincerely hope that pride doesn't prevent Tuscola County, Michigan prosecutor Mark E. Reene from dropping the outrageously stupid charges against three Americans whose only crime was to attempt to make a profit and have dark skin. When they realize how they have no case, they will do their best to have the men plea bargain something, however light, to prove the case wasn't the amazing reach it is. Will Caro, Michigan police chief Benson Page think of the huge waste of resources in pointless extra patrols of the bridge? Why would a terrorist buy a thousand cellphones for a detonator when he needed only one? Why not arrest every tourist who buys a cellphone and takes a photo of the Mackinac? My guess is that no tourists ever go to Caro or Tuscola County, because I surely never will.

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Dean W. Armstrong said...

I see less common sense occurring on this issue:

The Republican reaction? More obtrusive legislation, of course!
State Rep. Kevin Green today introduced legislation requiring customers to provide identification before purchasing any pre-paid cell phone in the state of Michigan.
Rep. Green said that prepaid cell phone purchases do not require a contract, credit check or any personal information, which can lead to misuse of the phones for other purposes. The bill will require vendors to record the name, address and driver's license numbers of customers.

That will make retailers and consumers happy. Since liquid can be made into bombs, maybe we should get names and addresses on everyone who buys shampoo, also.

If they "hate us for our freedoms", well, we won't have to worry about that much longer, will we.