Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a delay in posting

I had the good fortune of being quite busy over the weekend: I was a guest of Hugh M. Hefner at the occasion of his 80th birthday, and it was quite a bash, even by the standards I've associated with other Mansion events I've been to. But this meant I've haven't any blog posts to put up nor drafts to finish.

Tonight I gave a talk on interplanetary dust to the Ryerson Astronomical Society--a topic I had been interested in since seeing the zodiacal light again during my spring break geology field course, but didn't know much about. I believe the talk was well received. The material was compelling enough that I expect some posts to come from it.

P.S. Official publically-released videos and photos at http://www.playboy.com/worldofplayboy/events/birthday2006/
Peggy and I are in the last video with the Girls Next Door, halfway through the video.


Joan said...

But where are we to look in that big crowd? I couldn't find you, though I recognized that it was the girl-jumping-out-of-a-cake that you'd mentioned.

Dean W. Armstrong said...

I annotated a snapshot here: