Saturday, March 11, 2006

Eldorado Canyon

More photos of the upcoming field course location.

Looking southwest from Nelson's Landing road up into Ireteba Peaks. The background mountains are where the Aztec Wash pluton is located.

Looking directly west up the road back to Nelson from Nelson's Landing on Lake Mohave.


David Syzdek said...

That is one of the best roads in Southern Nevada for "road cruising" for snakes. In the warmer months, it is a great road to drive slowly at night to find and photograph a wide variety of snakes lying on the road surface. Unfortunately, larger amounts of traffic in recent years at night have led to finding fewer live snakes and more dead ones on that road. The biology of the area is as fascinating as the geology!

Dean W. Armstrong said...

Fascinating! The only time I've camped down there was in cooler months so I never saw snakes there. Personally I hope to see fewer snakes up in the colder hills on this trip.