Monday, February 20, 2006

LaSalle Nuclear Unit #1

Steven has a log of the web page of my geiger counter and is saving it in a standard format for me.

LaSalle Nuclear reactor #1 had a problem last night while they were shutting down the reactor for refueling. It had been the longest time in-between refuelings for any reactor at over 700 days. NEI Nuclear notes mentioned it recently. While pushing the rods in completely to stop the power generation for refueling, 3 of the 185 rods had indicators that failed to report where they were properly.

I checked and the winds were coming out of the southwest, and to alleviate any concerns, no additional radiation was detected here in Chicago. Even if you don't believe them when they said no releases occurred, my downwind site didn't pick anything up.

Here's this morning's results.

The last minute results are at Live Regenstein basement radiation readings

The archive is at -- Very big file.

P.S. The Tribune is hyping this on their home page, labeling it as "Nuclear Emergency" without mentioning how it's over and nothing was released. If something does get released, I hope the hysteria is more subdued.

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