Thursday, December 08, 2005

Amboy Crater Beetle

I am a small fuzzy beetle living in the sands among the lava flows of Amboy Crater!


Anonymous said...

wow, thats one creepy looking beetle.


Dean W. Armstrong said...

But it's sooo cute!

Andrew P. said...
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Andrew P. said...

I'm not deliberately trying to market my videos, but I found the same exact beetle on a piece of rabbit poop in this video:

It's 05:45ish. I think it's a dung beetle.

- The REAL Desert Dogs

Anonymous said...

It's not a dung beetle. I visited here a few times. It's a cool place to go. You must also visit the town of Amboy, It's starting to come back to life. I cant wait till its all done. Anyways go visit this crater, wear your walking shoes, bring water and a camera, very cool place.